Walk Through the Trail of History

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The Trail of History is located near uptown Charlotte in Midtown and follows the restored and vibrant Little Sugar Creek greenway pedestrian zone along Kings Drive between 7th street and Morehead Street. A bike and walking path are available to navigate the trail. 

Along the Trail of History you will discover the men and women, of different periods, who contributed to the making of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County into the greatest area in America. From Catawba King Haigler, to Thaddeus Lincoln Tate, an African American philanthropist of the early 20th century, to Dr. Annie Alexander, North Carolina’s first female physician, the Trail of History brings Charlotte’s deep and rich history to life. 

Start your walk at 7th Street by the statue of Thomas Spratt and King Haigler from the 1750s or by Morehead Street at the statue of Jane Wilkes, from the 1800s. As you walk the path, pause at each statue and take the time to learn about the person in Charlotte history and their impact on our community. 

At the Thompson Orphanage statue, you will learn about this orphanage which was located here and can visit Saint Mary’s Chapel which still stands in the spot when built for the orphanage. And of course, marvel at the equestrian statue of Captain James Jack, Charlotte’s Paul Revere at the corner of Kings Drive and 4th Street. 

The greenway changes with each season so come back to see the flowers blooming in Spring and the leaves changing in Fall. There are also art, music and other festivals throughout the year on the greenway like the Annual Kings Drive Art Walk hosted by Festival in the Park. 

Take a walk through Charlotte’s history.